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Rub Cyclone Tile Leveling System

Tile Leveling Systems Make Jobs Easier

Tile installers face a lot of challenges on the job site – particularly with remodeling projects where surfaces are often not flat, square or level. Add in the need for waterproof underlayment, varying substrates and complex designs and the job can turn into a headache. However, all of those elements are invisible to the customer. […]

iQ228CYCLONE 7 in. Dry Cut Table Top Tile Saw

Quality Tools Save Money and Time in the Long Run

There’s an economic theory about how cheap boots cost more than expensive boots in the long run. It goes like this – A cheap pair of $30 boots wear out in a year or less, and have to be replaced, but a quality pair of $150 boots can last 10 years or more. In the […]

Solutions that Add Value to your Tile and Floor Projects

Top tile and floor contractors know that the lowest acquisition cost for new clients comes from customer referrals. The most profitable jobs also come from happy customers – the ones who are wowed by what you can do and the end result, and are willing to pay extra for special features. Customizations like shower niches, […]

ShagTools Named as a ProKnee Grab ‘N Go Destination

Ecommerce site has signed on as an official Grab ‘N Go Destination for the Complete Product Lineup of ProKnee knee pads, knee pad replacement parts, and flooring installation supplies. This allows customers to more easily find the parts they need to refurbish and extend the life of their protective gear as needed. Shagtools already […]

Year-End Equipment Purchases

Flooring and contractor businesses are having a banner year in 2021 and are heading into the final month with strong profits. That may not seem like a problem, but for many business owners, December is the perfect opportunity to invest in the business to improve efficiency and manage tax implications. Here are a few scenarios […]

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