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Find a Great Mentor

Studies have shown that 70% of small businesses that have an experienced business mentor survive their first 5 years in business versus 35% that don’t have good mentorship. Start by asking your local Small Business Association or Chamber of Commerce. They have formal mentoring programs and can make great connections. No matter how you find […]

Saw Blade Maintenance

An essential part of maintaining your diamond blades is running a dressing stone to resharpen the blade. Make sure to dress your blade after a large number of cuts, or when switching from different materials. The dressing stone will remove build-up on the segments, and expose fresh diamonds allowing your blade to cut sharper and […] to be Featured on Tile Money Podcast

The popular Tile Money podcast, hosted by Luke Miller, will feature ShagTools  CEO John DeYoung and CMO Dawn Werry on Tuesday, October 5th. DeYoung and Werry, who come from online flooring tool and installation retailer, will share business advice and tips for flooring entrepreneurs. The Tile Money podcast is a favorite of tile installation […]

Always Discuss the Estimate in Person

Why do people ask for estimates? Two reasons: They want to make sure they aren’t getting ripped off.They don’t want to get in over their heads. Delivering a flooring estimate is a relational moment that can mitigate fear. You want to deal with these two goals directly and use empathy in doing so. That’s why […]

Saw Blade Selection

Blade selection is critical to making the perfect cut and also taking care of your saw’s motor. Here are some facts from iQ Power Tools on proper saw blade selection: Blade selection is critical. The bottom line is if your blade is not cutting, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the system is doing. […]

Carpet Shims Make Flooring Transitions Easy

Carpet Shims by TRAXX are designed to make flooring transitions easy. Watch how easily they eliminate the problem of height differences from carpeted floors to hard surface floors. Watch this video to learn how carpet shims solve the transition problem for flooring installers:

make it easier for leads to buy

Contractors – Don’t Sell to Your Leads. Make It Easier for Them to Buy.

Leads are people who have already expressed interest in your product or service, so don’t waste everyone’s time trying to sell them on the idea. Instead, focus on making it easier for them to buy. Ask yourself, “What barriers have I knowingly or unknowingly put in place, and how can I take them away?” Do […]

ProKnee Pad Measurement

How to Get Your ProKnee Size Right

Getting your ProKnee size right is crucial to delivering optimal comfort and performance. You can measure using these simple steps: 1. Remove Shoe 2. Measure from floor (a) to top of kneecap (b), while standing. 3. Measure around widest part of your calf muscle (c) with work pants on. 4. Place your order here.

The Shape of Your Paddle Mixer Makes All the Difference

The truth is that the shape of your paddle makes all the difference for the quality of your mortar mix, and ultimately, the quality of the product you deliver. Watch this short video from Collomix to see how different paddles process materials differently.