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Rub Cyclone Tile Leveling System

Tile Leveling Systems Make Jobs Easier

Tile installers face a lot of challenges on the job site – particularly with remodeling projects where surfaces are often not flat, square or level. Add in the need for waterproof underlayment, varying substrates and complex designs and the job can turn into a headache. However, all of those elements are invisible to the customer. […]

iQ228CYCLONE 7 in. Dry Cut Table Top Tile Saw

Quality Tools Save Money and Time in the Long Run

There’s an economic theory about how cheap boots cost more than expensive boots in the long run. It goes like this – A cheap pair of $30 boots wear out in a year or less, and have to be replaced, but a quality pair of $150 boots can last 10 years or more. In the […]

Schluter Set White

How to Work with Schluter® Thin-Set Mortars

Check out this video from our friends at Schluter to see Schluter®-Thin-set Mortars used to install Schluter membranes and tile! There are 3 types of mortars available: Schluter SET, a premium unmodified thin-set mortar, Schluter ALL-SET, a specialized modified thin-set mortar, and Schluter FAST-SET, a specialized rapid-setting modified thin-set mortar. All 3 Schluter thin-set mortars […]

Jay from ProKnee shows the ShagTools inventory

ProKnee Grab-‘n-Go Video

Check out this video as Jay from ProKnee highlights the ShagTools in-stock inventory of ProKnee knee pads and replacement parts.

How ProKnee Knee Pads Are Made

The industry’s most popular knee pads are the bee’s knees when it comes to all-day comfort and keeping flooring pros performing at their best. We often get questions about what makes ProKnee so great, and the answer can take a while to explain. Instead, we’re sharing this video that gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of […]

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