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iQ228CYCLONE 7 in. Dry Cut Table Top Tile Saw

Quality Tools Save Money and Time in the Long Run

There’s an economic theory about how cheap boots cost more than expensive boots in the long run. It goes like this – A cheap pair of $30 boots wear out in a year or less, and have to be replaced, but a quality pair of $150 boots can last 10 years or more. In the meantime, that cheap pair of boots has been replaced 10 times, and end up costing $300!

The same theory applies to tools and installation supplies – buying quality tools saves money in the long run. But with tools and supplies, the value is more than how long the equipment lasts – with the right tool for the job, you also reap big rewards from being more efficient.

Take the iQ 228 dry cut dustless tile saw, for example. The dust collection system means you can spend more time doing the job and less time on cleanup – you get more completed in a given day. The dustless feature also lets you keep the saw closer to the job site – many of our flooring pros use the iQ 228 in the customer’s home, reducing the time (and fatigue) that comes with walking back and forth to a saw that is set up outside or in the garage, every time you need to make another cut.

In that example, the saw is also protected from the elements and theft, and you’re not tracking footprints back and forth all day. Your customer is happy, you’re not as tired AND you spent time installing tile, instead of walking to and from your saw.

Here’s a review we came across recently about the iQ 228, “Something most people aren’t talking about is the time and fatigue being saved by this thing. I’ve done tile jobs in some big homes and it wasn’t uncommon for me to have to walk back and forth, up and down, just to make a few cuts. It definitely adds up over the length of a big job.”

We hear similar feedback about jobs being easier or more comfortable with Schluter products, ProKnee knee pads and other items that provide a high return on the initial investment. If you’re in the market for flooring tools and supplies and aren’t sure which product is best for your needs, be sure to reach out to the ShagTools team!