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Why Tile Pros Choose Schluter Systems

If you talk with leading tile installers, you’ll likely hear them reference Schluter®-Systems products. The reason? Schluter has developed an impressive array of installation materials that are easier to install and provide the highest level of quality and protection.

Gone are the days of shower pan liners and concerns about waterproofing and leaks. The Schluter systems are built on bonded waterproof membranes that bond directly to the mortar bed and protect it from saturation with regular use. The company’s leading line of KERDI-BOARD waterproof building panels protect wall panels from moisture and serve as an excellent substrate for tile installs.

Here are three of the many reasons pro tile installers turn to their Schluter products and systems:

KERDI Shower Kit – This kit has all the components you need to quickly create a watertight shower assembly that is ready for tile. Top installers know the KERDI kit saves them time and creates a quality underlayment so they can focus on tile placement and design. The prefabricated sloped shower tray with integrated KERDI waterproofing eliminates the need for a mortar bed.

DITRA-Heat – Wow your customers with an easy-to-install yet high-performing underlayment heating system. The DITRA-Heat kit containing everything you need to create a heated floor under tile, including the DITRA-HEAT uncoupling membrane, heating cable and a programmable thermostat. The DITRA-HEAT system allows for customized heating zones and is ideal for any room in the home. If you install tile in colder climates, this is a no-brainer upsell for high-end projects.

Resources and Education – One of the great things about Schluter-Systems is the resources and support available for installers. If you have a question, chances are you can find the answer in the comprehensive FAQs/Resources area on the Schluter website. There is also an extensive education area to help pros get the most out of Schluter products, a video library with tips and product expertise, and tools to help with project design and planning.

If you’re not familiar with Schluter products, give them a try on your next project. While they aren’t a magic solution for every tile project, the pros we talk to day-in and day-out consistently tell us that Schluter products make their jobs easier, the tile work more professional and ultimately result in happy customers.

Check out the full line of Schluter-Systems items on the ShagTools website.