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Traxx Pad Pro 75 Hammer Tacker

$39.19On sale price $35.28


This heavy-duty hammer tacker for carpet pad installation drives 7512D pad staples.

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traxx-pp7500 pad pro 75
Traxx Pad Pro 75 Hammer Tacker $39.19On sale price $35.28

Heavy-duty TRAXX Pad Pro Hammer Tackers are the choice in hammer tackers for professional carpet installers. Designed with an ergonomic handle for increased installer comfort. They feature quick bottom-loading of staples for on the job efficiency.

  • Drives the 7500 series staples, including the 7512D divergent point
  • Easy bottom-loading for a quick reload of staples
  • Easy clearing of jams
  • Ergonomic handle for installer comfort


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