Roberts Cushion Back Cutter


The Roberts Cushion Back Carpet Cutter speeds up carpet cutting during installation. The 10-146GT cuts all thicknesses of cushion-back and conventional carpet with the adjustable blade depth setting. A thumb screw and blade slot hold 2 blades tightly in place at a 30 degree angle for precise cuts. This carpet cutter yields more precise results and cuts faster than using a utility knife and straight edge.

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Roberts Cushion Back Cutter

  • Two blade design, accommodates both left and right positions for cutting closer to the yarn edge
  • High visibility profile allows for easy row guidance
  • Direct contact adjustment screws keep the blades secure
  • Durable stainless steel construction for maximum durability
  • Includes two standard slotted blades. Accepts Roberts 10-436 and all standard slotted blades
  • Classic Golden Touch Handle back by popular demand


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