Rapid Recess Kit for Linear Drain at Shower Entry


Modern linear drains are a great option for tiled curbless showers when used with Rapid Recess kit RR6ELDK.

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Rapid Recess Kit for Linear Drain at Shower Entry

The Bracket Kit for Linear Drain at the Entry is used with pre-manufactured or mortar shower pans with a linear drain. This kit is designed for linear drain installations when the drain cannot be installed at the back wall or if a drain at the entry is desired. The entry cutout in the plywood subfloor for the linear drain is recessed 11/16” to account for the drain depth. Suitable for linear drains up to 72” in length. Includes metal brackets for lowering entry cutout in plywood subfloor for linear drain.

  • Installed from above the joists without the use of a 2×4 frame or compromising the structural integrity of the joists (Rapid Recess doesn’t interfere with plumbing or other obstacles between the joists)
  • Used with different, types, widths, and orientation of floor joists (joists parallel or perpendicular to shower entry)
  • No framing ledger boards or cross-bracing needed
  • Floor height within the lowered area is recessed by 11/16″
  • Brackets are made of 16 gauge galvanized steel
  • Kits available for point or linear drains and shower pans
  • Complies fully with ICC standards and codes
  • Manufactured in Colorado, USA

Kit Includes:

  • Z bracket – 5″ long recess parameter bracket (x26)
  • #10 1 5/8” wood to metal self-drilling screws with wings (x80)
  • #10 2 3/4” wood to metal self-drilling screws with wings (x8)