ProKnee AP16 All Purpose Knee Pads
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ProKnee AP16 All Purpose Knee Pads

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The Model AP16 kneepads provide a lightweight one-size-fits-all solution for the flooring professional and feature 1″ cushion inserts for maximum protection.

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ProKnee AP16 All Purpose Knee Pads

ProKnee’s Model AP16 all-purpose knee pads are a lightweight solution designed for the professional floor covering installer. The integrated buckle and strap assemblies easily adjust and lock in the strap lengths to provide a one-size-fits-all solution for the installer. The AP16’s slotted lower frame and live hinge permit easy movement while kneeling and the 1″ cushion inserts provide maximum comfort.

  • Certified for professional floor covering installation
  • One size fits all solution
  • Adjust and lock strap lengths for installer’s dimensions
  • NEW SmartLock Plus quick release buckles automatically lock in your perfect strap length with just a pull
  • NEW Tucked in Liners offer a snug, stay-in-place fit
  • Slotted lower frame and live hinge to “fit like a glove”
  • Knee pocket shape and flat bottom design stabilizes knee joint
  • Allows for long periods of kneeling without pressure
  • No wrinkle liners wick away moisture and keep foam inserts clean
  • All parts are replaceable
  • 1″ cushion inserts for maximum comfort and protection
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • ProKnee offers a 30 day money back guarantee
  • One year warranty

3 reviews for ProKnee AP16 All Purpose Knee Pads

  1. Dan Nelson (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to wear and no sore knees the next day. Glad I spent the money to get professional equipment.

  2. Bill G.

    I’m a 30-year commercial tile contractor and I’ve been using ProKnees for about 15 years – 40 to 50 hours per week. They are the best kneepads that I have ever used. They are durable, comfortable and don’t let your kneecaps roll. They take the pressure off your hips and knees. I just turned 52 this year and I had my knees checked out. The Doctor said it’s amazing how good my knees were for what I do. I just bought 3 new pair of 1” thick AP16 – should make it to retirement with healthy knees. Thank you ProKnee!

  3. Curt D

    Perfect kneepads for flooring, no soreness in the knees after hours of being on them every week. Not that the price is even bad, but these pads pay for themselves in no time at all. My pair is the 5/8ths thickness, the thinner padding is still extremely sufficient. Honestly I can’t say enough positive things regarding my ProKnees, I would recommend these to anybody and everybody in need of quality kneepads. -Curt

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