Master TURBO Heat Welding Kit


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The Master Turbo Kit is a top-of-the-line kit for professional welding from Turbo Heat Welding Tools that has everything you need. This kit includes the Leister Triac ST Welder, Master Turbo Groover and all of the essential nozzles and accessories in a convenient tool box.

Master TURBO Heat Welding Kit $2,995.00

Master TURBO Heat Welding Kit

The Master Turbo Kit is a top-of-the line kit that collects all of the essentials from Turbo Heat Welding Tools that are needed to professionally weld vinyl and linoleum floors.

This kit includes the following tools:

  • #2 TURBO Round Tip 4/5mm (Standard Size)
  • #5 TURBO Roller Guide
  • #8 TURBO Plane with two blades
  • #9 Rubber Hand Groover with one blade
  • #9-1 TURBO Cove Groover
  • #10 Wire Brush Handle with one brush
  • #11 Tuff Wire Brush (for cleaning burning residue in the nozzles)
  • #12 Stainless Steel Trim Plate
  • #13-ST Leister Triac ST Welder with pencil tip
  • #14 Quarter Moon Flat knife
  • #15XS Coving Trimming Handle with four blades
  • #19 Master TURBO Groover with blades
  • #22-3 UTN Universal TURBO Nozzle 3/4/5mm (Standard Size)
  • #22-4 TURBO Detail nozzle 4/5 mm round (Standard size)
  • #26 TURBO Splicer (for splicing the end of the welding rod
  • Tool Box

All TURBO heat welding tools come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


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