Mapei Granirapid Mortar White (46 lb.)


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Premium, Rapid-Setting, Flexible Tile Mortar

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granirapid white
Mapei Granirapid Mortar White (46 lb.) $47.99

Mapei Granirapid Mortar White (46 lb.)

Granirapid is the industry’s first and most flexible, high-performance, fast-curing mortar system geared for fast-track projects. It develops high, early mechanical strength and can be specified for the most demanding tile applications. Thanks to MAPEI’s High-Hydrated Cement Technology (HCT), Granirapid offers superior drying-out characteristics for quick curing and does not contribute to efflorescence. When installed in conjunction with Ultracolor Plus FA grout, Granirapid will allow water submersion in only 72 hours.