Mapei UltraFlex LFT Gray (50 lbs.)


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Premium, Large-and-Heavy-Tile Mortar with Polymer

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ultraflex lft gray
Mapei UltraFlex LFT Gray (50 lbs.) $30.50

Mapei UltraFlex LFT Gray (50 lbs.)

Ultraflex LFT is a premium, non-sag, large-and-heavy-tile mortar and thin-set mortar designed for large-format and heavy tile and stone for interior/exterior floor, wall and countertop installations. This mortar has a high content of unique dry polymer, resulting in excellent adhesion to the substrate and tile. It is formulated with Easy Glide Technology™ for ease of application.


  • Polymer-enriched for high performance
  • Nonsag formula for large-format tile and stone in wall applications
  • Nonslump for large-format and heavy tile and stone in floor applications
  • For thicker bond coats from 3/32″ to 1/2″ (2,5 to 12 mm)
  • Smooth and creamy consistency makes it easy to apply
  • For installation of ceramic and porcelain tile; cultured stone; quarry tile; pavers; Saltillo tile; and most types of marble, granite and natural stone

Suitable Substrates:

  • Concrete (cured for at least 28 days)
  • Masonry cement block, brick, cement mortar beds, render coats and leveling coats
  • Cement backer units (CBUs) – see manufacturer’s installation guidelines
  • Gypsum wallboard and plaster – interior walls in dry areas only (priming may be required)
  • APA Group 1 and CANPLY 0121 exterior-grade plywood (interior, residential and light-commercial floors and countertops in dry conditions only)
  • Properly prepared vinyl composition tile (VCT), vinyl and cutback residue (interior installations)
  • Properly prepared existing ceramic and porcelain tile, quarry tile and pavers (interior and dry conditions only)
  • MAPEI waterproofing, crack-isolation, sound-reduction and uncoupling membranes