Dependable White Latex Liquid (1 gal.)
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Dependable White Latex Liquid (1 gal.)


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An additive for use with Dependable White Skimcoat – adds mildewcide protection, greater adhesion and flexibility.

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Dependable White Latex Liquid (1 gal.)

Formulated for use with DEPENDABLE WHITE SKIMCOAT Underlayment, it provides greater adhesion, water resistance, flexibility and mildewcide protection. It may be used as an additive with SKIMCRETE XL, DEEP ROCK and other DEPENDABLE trowelable products wherever a non re-emulsifiable latex primer or additive is required. It also may be used as a primer over textured or smooth metal surfaces, adhesive residues, or under leveling products used in exterior applications under certain circumstances in accordance with specific instructions.

Effective Additive with all DEPENDABLE powders.

As a Primer:

  • Adhesive Residues
  • Metal
  • Porous or dusty surfaces (including Gypcrete)
  • Other difficult bonding applications
  • Maximum coverage as a primer: 250 to 300 sq. ft./gallon

As an Additive:

  • Deep-rock
  • Concrete to concrete bonding
  • Thinsets and Grouts
  • Certain Exterior Applications (protected from UV)


1 review for Dependable White Latex Liquid (1 gal.)

  1. Ed Airhart (verified owner)

    I have been using dependable skimcoat for 40years. When I want the extra strength for the great product I use the liquid latex. Great price and fast shipping at shagtools.

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