Raimondi Smart Wash Bucket w/ Sponge


Easy to clean and transport, the Smart Wash bucket was thoughtfully designed to make cleaning grout easy and efficient. The large bucket holds plenty of water and rollers keep the float from the bucket’s edges. Comes equipped with ‘Sweepex’ sponge float, grating, a handle for transport, and 2 1/2″ wheels.

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Raimondi Smart Wash Bucket w/ Sponge $64.00

Raimondi Smart Wash Bucket w/ Sponge

  • For cleaning grout from walls and floor.
  • The two rollers mounted on wear resistant sockets have 15 degree inclination which prevents the sponge float to touch the bucket rim and so avoiding water dripping.
  • The special roller edges are made in relief for avoiding water dripping when squeezing the sponge float.
  • The high-capacity tank reduces the need for frequent water changes.
  • The high absorption sponge “Sweepex” allows for a perfect cleaning.
  • The wash bucket structure is made of high quality plastic and equipped with an high load resistance grating, it’s an absolutely reliable, long lasting and sturdy product.
  • The bucket shape is designed free of sharp edges (only rounded) and so it is really easy to be cleaned.
  • Equipped with ‘Sweepex’ sponge float, grating, handle for transport, wheels 2 1/2″

Capacity: 2.7 gal.
Weight: 4.9 lbs.
Size: 22-1/2 in. x 11-7/8 in. x 10 in.


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