Rubi 01945 6mm 1/4″ Scoring Wheel


This Rubi Tools 1/4″ (6mm) Scoring Wheel for Glass and Tile (01945) is designed to score glass and wall tile, and is very durable for sharp and precise cutting.

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rubi scoring wheel
Rubi 01945 6mm 1/4" Scoring Wheel $14.01
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Rubi 01945 6mm (1/4″) Scoring Wheel

For Rubi Cutter Series TS, TR-S, SPEED for regular tiles. Tungsten carbide scoring wheel of high resistance and duration. Arm made with a patented geometry for maximum precision and minimum vibration.

  • For regular tiles
  • Patented model with new high technology RUBI alloy.
  • Maximum precision and resistant to wear.
  • Use with TR, TS, & TF Tile Cutters


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