RTC 10″ Porcelain T3 Razor Blade


The RTC T3 Razor is a fast cutting thin rim 10 inch wet saw blade with “Super Core” technology that eliminates blade deflection throughout the blade’s life.

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RTC 10" Porcelain T3 Razor Blade $91.67
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The RTC T3 Razor Diamond Blade is a fast cutting thin rim 10″ blade with “Super Core” technology eliminating blade deflection cut after cut. The “Super Core” technology creates a layered blade that limits vibration and reduces noise as well. This tile saw blade is great for cutting hard porcelain, granite, marble and ceramic tiles.

  • Thinnest Kerf (.05″ thickness) for the smoothest, chip-free precision cut
  • Thicker, Sandwiched Core reduces noise and provides less deflection.
  • Cuts ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, granite, engineered stone, and natural stone
  • Specially Designed Relief?- keeps the blade running cooler, lasting longer
  • Soft Bonded Rim – cuts into hard materials with ease
  • Blade Diameter:10″
  • Rim Type: Continuous Rim
  • Wet/Dry Cutting: Wet
  • Arbor Size: 5/8″
  • Rim Height: 8 mm
  • Kerf: .05″


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