QEP Lash Tile Leveling Clips (96/pack)


The LASH tile leveling system from QEP is a unique two-piece spacer system for installing large porcelain tile, marble and stone. The system is composed of LASH clips and reusable wedges and is designed to be fast, simple and eliminate lippage from the finished floor.

Each package contains 96 clips (Also requires LASH Leveling Wedges).

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Designed for quick installation, the LASH 2-piece system reduces costly call backs by ensuring that the finished floor surface is lippage-free. This time saving system adjusts the height of the tiles and evenly holds their edges throughout the curing process of the setting material.

LASH was developed out of the need to diminish costly mistakes in high-end installations. It is the perfect system to use with large-format rectified porcelain, marble and stone where narrow grout joints are required, or with tiles of different thicknesses.

The LASH system is fast, simple and the most cost-effective installation method on the market.

  • Durable nylon construction for a secure installation
  • High-visibility yellow wedges are easy to distinguish on the job site
  • Specially designed break-off point on clips for swift removal
  • Produces 1/16″ joint spacing
  • May be combined with regular tile spacers for wider joints – up to 1/4″
  • Wedges are reusable

1. Slide two LASH clips under the tile and into the mortar approximately 2″ from each end of the tile. Place the second tile.
2. Slide the reusable LASH wedges into the clips to Level, Align, Space and Hold the tiles.
3. Once the mortar sets, simply kick the clips, forcing them to snap off at the specially designed break-points. Save wedges for future use.

12″ x 12″ Tile Size – 25 sq. ft. per 96 pack
16″ x 16″ Tile Size – 41 sq. ft. per 96 pack
18″ x 18″ Tile Size – 56 sq. ft. per 96 pack
24″ x 24″ Tile Size – 68 sq. ft. per 96 pack


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