QEP 10636Q 36″ Slimline Professional Tile Cutter


This ultra-slim, lightweight cutter for ceramic and porcelain will cut tiles up to 36″, 21″ diagonally, 1/2″ thick. Includes carbide scoring wheel.

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QEP 10636Q 36" Slimline Professional Tile Cutter
QEP 10636Q 36" Slimline Professional Tile Cutter $199.97
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Engineered by professionals for professionals, the QEP Xtreme Series Slimline Tile Cutters feature a distinctive ultra-slim profile, measuring only 5-1/2″ in width and weighing less than any other cutters on the market. These versatile cutters will accommodate most ceramic and porcelain tiles and come equipped with heavy-duty rubber pads for cutting stability, dual chrome-plated rail bars, and linear ball bearing slides for smooth scoring. The 7/8″ titanium-coated tungsten-carbide ball bearing cutting wheel ensures long-lasting performance, even when tackling tough porcelain tiles. The reinforced, thick steel bases include side arm extensions, providing sturdy support for larger tiles.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry from site to site
  • Multipurpose cutter for most tile including ceramic and porcelain
  • Metal rip guide helps measure and hold the tile in place for extra support and accuracy while cutting
  • Equipped with replaceable tungsten-carbide 7/8″ cutting wheel
  • Reinforced thick steel base with tile support arms
  • Ball bearing carriage and die cast aluminum rail supports for smooth cuts
  • Narrow 5-1/2″ width is less bulky than regular cutters
  • Cuts tile up to 36″, 21″ diagonally, 1/2″ thick