ProKnee 0714 Standard Parts Kit 1


This parts kit for ProKnee Models 0174 & 0714E contains 1 pair of rubber boots and 1 pair of either standard or wide “No Wrinkle” liners.

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0714 Standard Parts Kit 1
ProKnee 0714 Standard Parts Kit 1 $33.82
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The Parts Kit 1 for the ProKnee Models 0714 & 0714E kneepads contains the following:

  • 1 pair of 0714 Rubber Boots
  • 1 pair of Standard 0714 or Wide 0714E No Wrinkle Liners

Note: Your ProKnee Model (0714 Standard or 0714E Wide) will determine which parts kit you need. Standard (No. 14S PK1) or Wide (No. 14E PK1)


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