Poly-Tak Carpet Mask Clear Rolls


Carpet Mask is the most effective way to temporarily protect synthetic carpets from damage during high traffic times. Carpet Mask is a tough, 2mil. linear low density polyethylene film with a solvent based adhesive applied to one side.

Poly-Tak Carpet Mask Clear Rolls $10.98$58.58

Poly-Tak Carpet Mask Clear Rolls

The original Self Adhesive Carpet Protection. There’s simply no better or faster way to temporarily protect carpeting during repairs or at other high traffic times than with Carpet Mask!? Carpet Mask is a 2 mil. non-skid polyethylene film with a SOLVENT based pressure sensitive adhesive applied to one side.? The adhesive will not?transfer to the carpet. Its reverse roll provides application ease.

  • Roll it on- Stays in place
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Clear tough 2 mil. non-skid surface
  • Temporary protection-up to 30 days
  • Great for hallways and stairs
  • Use on all types of synthetic carpets
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Any carpet protection
  • Stairs protection
  • Entrance/exit inclement weather
  • High traffic areas (parties)
  • RV’s and boats
  • Office use
  • Moving day
  • Model homes
  • Remodeling
  • Many more uses


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