Crain 349S Round Edge Roller, Short


This resilient seam roller has a single-arm design that lets you work close to the wall. The 2″ diameter polished steel roller rides on a ball bearing race. The heavy-duty ferrule and arm bracket is plated to prevent rust. Hickory handle 6″ in length.

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Crain 349S Round Edge Roller, Short
Crain 349S Round Edge Roller, Short $36.49
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This hand roller for rolling vinyl at seams and other areas has a round edge solid steel roller and shorter six inch varnished wooden handle. The round edge on this roller allows it to work up close to vinyl flash coving, where a square edge roller can’t go. The roller face has an ultra-smooth, zinc-plated surface finish to minimize scratching and indentations. Ball bearing construction produces a smooth rolling action that is designed to last. Net weight: 2 lbs.


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