Crain 176 Carpet Layer’s Mitre Box


This compact miter box includes straight and 45-degree angles needed by flooring installers, and really saves space in the tool box! The nickel-plated steel guides are highly accurate and case-hardened to resist wear even when used with a hacksaw. The wood base allows clean cuts through aluminum trim materials without dulling the hacksaw blade. Base includes synthetic rubber non-slip pad which helps the tool stay put in use and won’t mark when placed on most surfaces. Net weight: 3 lbs.

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Crain 176 Carpet Layer's Mitre Box $72.69
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Crain 176 Carpet Layer’s Mitre Box

Designed for carpet installers, this box is small and compact in size. All needed angles are included. The nickel-plated steel saw guides are absolutely accurate and casehardened to prevent wear. A hardwood block bottom allows clean cuts through without dulling the hacksaw. Now equipped with nonslip non-marring pads on bottom.


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