Crain 172 Magnetic Tack Holder
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Crain 172 Magnetic Tack Holder

$25.70On sale price $22.62


This magnetic tack holder makes a difficult job easy. It reaches down into the carpet pile where fingers won’t go. Perfect for stair work. Made 51/2″ long, in a hexagon shape. The powerful magnet tip is guaranteed for life.

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Crain 172 Magnetic Tack Holder

This tool has a precision magnetic tip that can hold nails in position so they can be driven into areas where it would be difficult with fingers only. Works well driving hard to hold stubby nails into the tack strip when fastening strip to concrete, for example. The tool’s body is made from a 5″ long stainless steel body with a powerful magnetic insert on one end and the hammering head on the other. Net weight: 8 oz


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