Crain 804 Carbide Blade

Crain 804 Carbide Blade


This is a carbide-tipped blade for use on discontinued Crain Model Nos. 800 and 810 Super Saws. It has 40 carbide teeth to produce a smooth cut and long life. When cutting flush to the floor, the blade thickness produces a cut with just the right height for fitting vinyl floors underneath. Arbor hole is precision countersunk for flush mounting the blade screw. Body includes two drive holes for accepting the two nubs on the blade driver for these model saws. For use in cutting wood only. Do not use on any metal, ceramic tile, concrete, or stone. Net weight: 10 oz.

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05-804  6 1/2" CARBIDE TIPPED BLADE. 

  • For use on discontinued 05-800 & 05-810 Super Saws.


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