Crain 353 Carbide Grout Saw


This handy little tool will save you time and clean-up taking out old hardened grout. The sharp-pointed, carbide-coated blade cuts and gouges out old grout in a hurry. Comes with two blades.

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Crain 353 Carbide Grout Saw
Crain 353 Carbide Grout Saw $10.20
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This hand saw is used for removing old or damaged grout. The angled steel handle bracket keeps the hand from contacting the floor during the sawing motion. Comes with one carbide blade coated with carbide grit for cutting out grout between tiles, and one steel-toothed blade for heavy clean out work after using the carbide blade. The steel-toothed blade can be used in combination with the carbide blade for wider grout joints or to protect walls when removing grout close up to a wall. Minimum grout joint width: 1/8″. Net weight: 4 oz.


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