Crain 006 Airway Knife


This knife is specially contoured for comfort. Made of smooth die-cast aluminum with close-fitting tolerances. One screw loosens the case for easy blade changing.

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airway knife
Crain 006 Airway Knife $9.78
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Crain 006 Airway Knife

The Crain No. 025A Airway Straight (Gundlach No. 25-AB) and Crain No. 026A Airway Hook (Gundlach No. 26-AB) blades are used with this knife. Comes with one No. 025A straight blade. These blades have a square central cutout that fits on a square boss in the knife that eliminates blade wobble. The blade holder has a long neck and an optimal angle for making cuts in sheet goods materials. The knife body has finger contours to enhance grip. The knife halves open for blade storage by loosening the case-hardened fastener. Net weight: 6 oz.


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