Crain 988 Vinyl Welding Kit


This kit includes the basic tools needed for vinyl welding, all at a great price!

Crain 988 Vinyl Welding Kit
Crain 988 Vinyl Welding Kit $1,644.82

This kit from Crain provides a great value to the installer by combining all of the basic tools you need for vinyl welding at a great price. Comes complete with a metal carrying case that holds all of the tools. The No. 988 now includes:

  • No. 969 Head Weld Gun (Leister Triac ST heat gun with a pencil tip nozzle, triangular tip and round tip)
  • No. 968 Floor Following Power Groover
  • No. 955 Pull Hand Groover
  • No. 965 Skiving Knife w/Blade
  • No. 340 Selvage Trimmer
  • No. 370 Recess Scriber
  • No. 189 Hook Handle Utility Knife
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Brushes
  • Metal Carrying Case
  • Instructions


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