Crain 112 8 in. Scriber


This versatile 8″ bar scriber works both as a wall scriber and a seam scriber. The tool has a rounded end guide for wall scribing, and a bottom guide for seam scribing that runs along the edge of the bottom piece of material as the top piece is being scribed. In addition, the red housing has a hole in its bottom for a second needle which allows the tool to scribe circles or feature strips. The 8″ bar allows approximately 6″ of length adjustment using the large steel thumbscrew. Needle height is adjustable for various material thicknesses using a screw in the front of the bar. Needles are replaceable (No. 129). Net weight: 8 oz.

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Crain 112 8 in. Scriber

This versatile tile tool features the original famous Airway quality design and construction, a heavy die-cast housing, with a sturdy precision-fitting plated steel bar. Features an 8″ bar with an extra needle hole in the housing for circle scribing. Comes with one needle, and uses No.05-129 Scriber Needles.


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