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Crain 569 “Bang Block” 11-3/4″ Tapping Block

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This 11-3/4″ long tapping block is used to tap the side of the plank to fit the tongue and groove. The U-shaped handle provides better control.

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Crain 569 "Bang Block" 11-3/4" Wood Floor Tapping Block
Crain 569 "Bang Block" 11-3/4" Tapping Block $25.70On sale price $22.62
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  • 3/4″ Thick Heavy Duty Solid Plastic Flooring Tap Block
  • Longer Length Protects Flooring Edge Damage
  • Grooved Out On 2 Sides To Fit Squarely Over The Tongue
  • Long “U-Shaped” Handle Provides Better Control
  • Easily Eliminate Gaps Between Boards In Hardwood & Laminate Flooring