Caulk-EZ Caulk Tooling Aid (2.5 oz.)


CAULK-EZ creates value for professionals by enabling them to deliver a perfect bead of caulk in a fraction of the time with no clean-up mess.

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Caulk-EZ Caulk Tooling Aid (2.5 oz.) $9.58

Caulk-EZ Caulk Tooling Aid (2.5 oz.) Clear

  • Just spray on and wipe off
  • No stains, even on paint
  • Adjacent surfaces remain paintable
  • Non-flammable, odorless and water-based (No Oil)
  • Works on all caulks and can be used on any surface
  • One can covers up to 8 Ten oz tubes (400 ft) of caulk

Assume a contractor spends 1 hour per day caulking and earns $25 per hour. Using CAULK-EZ will reduce caulking time by 50 minutes (over 80%) each day creating a daily savings of $21. CAULK-EZ had paid for itself in 25 minutes of the first day. If the contractor uses one tube of caulk during the hour each day, one can of CAULK-EZ will last for 8 workdays at a $21 per day savings for a total time savings of $168 per can. This $168 per can savings doesn’t include the potential incremental savings of avoiding costly customer call backs by delivering A Perfect Bead Every Time?.


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