Bucky Scrape Bucket Trowel Scraper


This snap-on bucket tool scrapes trowel blades clean! The magnets allow the trowel blade to sit on top of the bucket for quick access.

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Bucky Scrape Bucket Trowel Scraper
Bucky Scrape Bucket Trowel Scraper $14.95
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Cleaner jobs, faster jobs, easier jobs. Snap the Bucky Scrape to a standard 5 gallon bucket and change the way you work. Scrape your trowel clean on the stainless edge, then secure your trowel on the Bucky Scrape’s magnets while you set tile. That means no muck on your bucket walls, no dried chunks in your mortar, less waste, happy trowel.

  • Easy to Install or Remove: Simply push the tool onto the bucket’s rim and the quick-connect tabs will snap it firmly to the bucket. To remove, simply pull up on the tabs.
  • Stainless Scraping Edge: Working with a clean trowel makes all the difference. Scrape your trowel across the stainless edge and the excess mortar falls straight to the bottom of the bucket.
  • Heavy Duty Magnets: Keeping your trowel secure and clean maintains your sanity. No more elbowing your trowel off the bucket’s rim into the mortar mix below.
  • Designed by a Tile Guy: Founder John Cardosa developed the tool in Arizona, wanting to make his own tile setting projects easier and faster. The Bucky Scrape is now available to the public.