BIHUI USA Tilers Multi-Function Workbench


This portable workbench for tile setters comes equipped with 2 quick action clamps, extendable tile supports, a cutting channel for 45° and 90° cuts and more.

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The BIHUI Tilers Multi-Function Workbench is a game-changer for tile projects, combining portability with functionality. With a reinforced design, ergonomic working height, and extendable tile supports, this versatile workbench transforms effortlessly from aiding manual tile cutting to serving as a small scaffold.

  • Reinforced portable workbench with ergonomic working height
  • Extendable tile supports for increased work surface up to 28″
  • Longitudinal groove for 45° and 90° cutting with 4.33″ drilling guide holes
  • Easy to use with a manual tile cutter or as a small scaffold
  • Designed with four folding legs, carrying handles and wheel for easy transport
  • Comes complete with two F clamps, adjustable rulers and restraints
  • Table size 46″ and straight cutting size 37″