Aqua Mix Grout Release (1 qt.)


Aqua Mix Grout Release is a temporary, water soluble, pre-grout coating providing protection against grout and mortar staining. Product ensures easy grout cleanup.

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Aqua Mix Grout Release (1 qt.)

  • Temporary, water-soluble pre-grout coating
  • Provides protection against grout & mortar staining
  • Installation aid simplifies cleanup

For use on:
Porous textured surfaces such as; natural stone, concrete pavers, masonry surfaces, ceramic,?porcelain, quarry, saltillo, terra-cotta


  • Prevent buildup of Grout Release in grout joints
  • Do not use acid solutions for cleanup as acid may react with Grout Release, forming a crystalline residue on surface
  • Product may discolor some light colored tile and stone

Application of Product:
USE CHEMICAL-RESISTANT GLOVES, such as nitrile, when?handling product.?Read entire label before using. Apply a coat of Grout Release, ensuring?100% surface coverage using a sponge applicator, heavy-textured?paint roller or brush. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes drying time?before grouting. Follow grout manufacturer?s instructions for grouting?process. Grout Release residue should be removed through normal?grout cleanup process. If Grout Release residue remains on surface,?use?Aqua?Mix??Heavy-_Duty?Tile?&?Grout?Cleaner?to?remove.?For?most?smooth porous surfaces, an application of?sealer?may be used in lieu?of Grout Release prior to grouting.

Cleaning of equipment:
Clean tools with water before material dries.



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