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Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the ShagTools Fall 2021 Scavenger Hunt! This is a fun way to learn about the tools and supplies available from ShagTools, and get a FREE Shag Swag Bag, and 10%* off your next order!

Simply find the items listed below on our website and answer the related questions, and the first 25 people to successfully complete the scavenger hunt will get a FREE Shag Swag Bag. The first 10 to get the answers correct AND successfully answer the bonus question will get a coupon for 10%* off your next order! Happy scavenging! Click here to open the site in a new tab/window so you can easily complete the hunt.


Bonus Question

The first 10 people who also answer this question correctly will receive 10% off* their next order!

*Excludes iQ Power Tools and sale-priced items.

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