Raimondi 29 in. Pull Tile Cutter

Raimondi 29 in. Pull Tile Cutter


Raimondi 29 in. Pull Tile Cutter
Professional, light, accurate, strong tile tools.
• Ergonomic grip for bi-directional cut (pulling or pushing).
• Scratch-resistant pads on the breaking feet won’t mar delicate glazes.
• Cast aluminum board makes this cutter light, while the steel rail and roller provide superior strength with low maintenance (no seals).
• The cutting wheel is mounted with a pin that can be easily tapped out for quick and effortless wheel replacement (one size fits all).
• Pivoting fence for cuts from 0° to 75° with pre-marked stops at the popular angles of: 15 / 30 / 45 degrees.
• A sliding stop that flips up out of the way to make additional cuts without losing your previous measurements (useful for carpet
pattern layouts).
• The spring loaded table and foam extension pads provide alternative breaking methods and the proper amount of impact absorption
to reduce broken tile (especially on the harder porcelains).
• On board storage compartment for up to (2) replacement cutting wheels.
Diagonal cut: 20 7/8″


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