ProKnee custom fit 0714 kneepads
ProKnee 0714 Custom Fit Professional Knee Pads
$250.00$270.00On sale price $229.99$256.95 Select options

ProKnee 0714 Custom Fit Professional Knee Pads

$250.00$270.00On sale price $229.99$256.95


ProKnee’s Model 0714 custom fit kneepads were designed specifically for flooring installers and other construction professionals. Available in 18 lengths and 2 widths with 1″ cushion inserts for maximum protection.

How to Custom Fit

  • Remove your shoe
  • Measure from floor (A) to top of kneecap (B), while standing
  • Measure around widest part of calf muscle (C), with work pants on. If your measurement is over 17.5″, consider ordering the wide version.
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ProKnee 0714 Custom Professional Knee Pads

The ProKnee Model 0714 Custom Made Custom Fit Kneepads were designed specifically for flooring installers and other construction professionals. These unrivaled knee pads allow you to work smarter, longer and pain free with features including lightweight heavy duty construction, a custom molded shin-to-knee contact area and the patented shin support system. The 1″ cushion inserts provide maximum comfort and protection.

  • Designed specifically for the flooring industry
  • The #1 kneepad brand for professionals for over 25 years
  • Patented shin support system takes pain and stress off knee joints
  • Shin to knee contact area was molded from a human in a kneeling position
  • Natural shape allows kneeling for longer periods of time without pressure
  • NEW Smartlock Plus quick release buckles automatically lock in your perfect strap length with just a pull
  • NEW Tucked in Liners offer a snug, stay-in-place fit
  • No wrinkle liners wick away moisture and keep foam inserts clean
  • Replacement parts and rebuild kits are available
  • 1″ cushion inserts provide maximum comfort and protection
  • Available in 18 lengths and 2 widths
  • Straps are adjustable
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • ProKnee offers a 30 day money back guarantee
  • One year warranty

9 reviews for ProKnee 0714 Custom Fit Professional Knee Pads

  1. Mike S.

    Just received my ProKnee 0714 today and tried them on. I can’t believe I have waited this long to buy a pair. They are by far the most comfortable knee pads I have ever strapped on. I have been a carpenter for almost 40 yrs and my knees deserve these baby’s!! I may even sleep with them on tonight. Great job people.

  2. Myles (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd pair I’ve purchased. My other pair lasted for years!!! Well worth the money. I used to buy the ones in the home improvement stores and had to replace them about every month. I used to dairy farm so my knees aren’t so great. Now I do tile setting and these knee pads have saved my knees!! I won’t use anything else. You won’t regret buying these knee pads. Truly worth every penny!!

  3. Jesse Wozniak (verified owner)

    I was wondering how much longer I would be able to be on my knees in construction, everyday my knees would be hurting, got these knee pads and it won’t eliminate all discomfort, but my knees definitely don’t hurt nearly as bad as they used too, I’m no longer wondering how much longer I can work. They take a little bit to get used to, but I like them now (2 weeks in) they displace the pressure normally on your knee cap to across your shin, but I did not find it uncomfortable, quite the opposite

  4. Jimmy Winborn (verified owner)

    I’ve been on my knees for over 20 years installing bluestone, travertine, marble, and many other types of hardscape patios. In one day these knee pads destroyed my knees and had me limping around for 2 weeks. Although very industrial quality material they completely lost it at the actual knee pad.. just a big solid flat hard chunk of foam. Absolutely no contour to cup around your knee. My knees kept rolling to the side anytime I would move around or kneel on something not completely flat… Seriously my knees have never hurt as bad as the day after I wore them.

  5. Richard C.

    Professional tile setter talking…. these knee pads help back pain, eliminate ankle pain, and last a very long time. My first pair lasted ten years. This new and improved design looks and feels way better. Looking forward to a lifetime of servitude.

  6. Jesse W.

    25 years in flooring. I never wanted a pair of pro knees because they looked very uncomfortable. But I was wrong I’ve had my pair for under a month and they’re the most comfy knee pads I’ve ever tried and my lower back doesn’t hurt anymore. I give them 10 out of 10

  7. Pasha D.

    ProKnees is the best thing you can buy for yourself if your in the flooring business! I discovered proknees about 7 years ago! I still have the same pair and they didn’t tear or rip break nothing. My knees don’t hurt thanks to proknees. I been doing flooring going on 14 years and prior to proknees my knees did hurt and not a day since! Absolutely love this product. Built in USA and built well! Highly highly Recommend this product.

  8. Norris (verified owner)

    A great product! No pain or burns on knees after using for several consecutive hours.

  9. Jamie (verified owner)

    Like them so far but they seem to be an inch to big. I would have liked a better way to measure so I could have got a better fit.

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