Master TURBO Groover w/ Carrying Case


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The only groover in the world that can groove all the way to the wall, groove circles & curves, and groove 4 different sizes. Faster than electric groover. Lifetime warranty.

Master TURBO Groover w/ Carrying Case $1,595.00

Master TURBO Groover with Carrying Case

The Only Groover in the WORLD that can:

1. Groove all the way to the wall
2. Groove circles & curves
3. Groove 4 different sizes

The Master TURBO Groover comes with a set of 4mm blades and a carrying case. (Other blades sizes available, see below)


#19A 3mm (2 blades per Pkg.)
#19B 4mm (2 blades per Pkg.) (Standard)
#19C 5mm (2 blades per Pkg.)
#19D 6mm (2 blades per Pkg.) (for Oscada flooring or 1/4″ welding rod)

All TURBO heat welding tools come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


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