Collomix Heavy Duty Portable Mixer LEVMIX65
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Collomix Heavy Duty Portable Mixer LEVMIX65


Blending of leveling compounds fast and easy with the new Collomix LevMix 65 mobile mixer. The LevMix 65 unites three steps in one operation: mixing, transporting and pouring. Save time and mix up to three bags plus of mixing material at once. Dust free operation with practical connection for the vacuum cleaner.

Collomix Heavy Duty Portable Mixer LEVMIX65

Perfectly designed for: Floor leveling compounds and levelers, leveling fillers, leveling compounds, pouring screed, fiber-reinforced fillers, colored surfacing materials, colored coatings, liquid plastics, etc.

  • One man operation
  • Consis¬≠tently superb and reproducible mixing results
  • Pouring without repotting
  • Large mixing capacity (3 bags)
  • Maximum mobility
  • Dust protection


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