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Tec Mortars

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Part Number: 21-MORTAR

The TEC mortars is designed to provide the ultimate in performance and usability. Our vast R&D expertise allows us to formulate products with superior bond strengths, sophisticated crack isolation properties and unmatched warranties while also offering excellent handling characteristics. Ultimately, TEC mortars are designed to offer the highest level of support and protection for tile and natural stone surfaces.
 TEC provides a variety of mortar systems engineered to satisfy the demands of the most basic to most challenging installations.
Latex Modified Thin Set Mortars
 TEC brand latex-modified thin set mortars incorporate state-of-the-art dry polymers and adhesion promoting agents for outstanding bonds with virtually all ceramic and natural stone tile. Just add water and mix. All TEC® latex mortars are recommended for interior/exterior use over an extended array of new and remodeling substrates.
Super Flex™ Premium Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar - Gray & White
Full Flex® Premium Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar - Gray & White 
3N1® Performance Mortar - Gray & White
Sturdi Flex™ ProGrade Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar - Gray & White
FullLight™ - Gray & White 
SturdiLight™ - Gray & White
FortiFlex™ 1 Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar - Gray & White 
FortiFlex™ 2 Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar - Gray & White   
Crack Isolation Mortars
 Crack isolation mortars provide excellent bond strength and crack protection in a single step. No membranes or additives are needed, resulting in labor and material savings.
1Flex® Crack Isolation Mortar - Gray & White
 IsoLight™ - Gray & White
Lightweight Mortars
 TEC Lightweight Mortars are here to meet the level of performance your projects require and the added convenience you desire. With up to twice the coverage per pound of a traditional mortar, these installer-friendly products are smooth, easy to trowel, and have an extended open time.
3N1® Performance Mortar - Gray & White
 FullLight™ - Gray & White
 SturdiLight™ - Gray & White
 IsoLight™ - Gray & White
Fast Setting Mortars
 Fast setting mortars provide accelerated cure times that allow grouting in as little as 2½ to 3 hours.
Quik Flex® Accelerated Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar - Gray & White
Medium Bed Mortars
 Specialized for large tile and stone installations on the floor.
Medium Bed Mortar - Gray & White
Specialty Mortars
 Specialty mortars are designed for installing specialized materials, including green marble and moisture sensitive stone, as well as glass block. 
AccuColor EFX® Epoxy Special Effects Grout provides superior performance and unmatched design possibilities in one easy-to-use product.
Glass Block Mortar 
Thin Set Mortars
 Designed for basic tile installations. When used with a TEC latex mortar additive, provide enhanced bond strength to meet ANSI A118.4 specifications.
Full Set Plus® Thin Set Mortar - Gray, White, Summer Formula Gray & White
Sturdi Set™ Contract Grade Thin Set Mortar - Gray & White
Mortar Additives
 TEC® acrylic latex mortar additives are specifically formulated for use in place of water in TEC brand unmodified thin set or specialty mortars to provide the enhanced performance characteristics of an ANSI A118.4 Latex-Modified Portland Cement Mortar.
Acrylbond® AMA Additive
XtraFlex™ Additive
 For detail information on these mortars Click Here
TEC Tec Mortars
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